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Emily nAOMI

Founder & Head of dance

Emily Naomi is the founder and Head of Dance at The Creation Dancers Agency. She is responsible for the quality of our dancers and provides them with the tools to improve and maintain their professional skills. With her background as a professional dancer in the industry and her university degree in Dance, she has the knowledge about what to expect from our dancers and how we can optimize their performances in the work field. 

Didiér Anthony

Creative Director &

Talent Manager

Didiér Anthony is our Creative Director and Talent Manager. He leads our creative production team and is always looking for opportunities for our dancers on the market. He is responsible for the contact with our dancers and clients and makes sure that everything runs as smooth as possible. With his education in Arts and Management and his love for dance, he knows how to combine the creative and the business aspects of our company.

Studio Shoot - The Creation_12082022_by-Josue Arteaga-0066.jpg

Claudia Arana

Make up artist

Claudia Arana is our professional Makeup Artist. For all our own productions, she makes sure that the look of our dancers is exactly fitting in the concept. With her studies, years of experience and many big clients we are lucky to have such a talented artist in our team.

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Josue ArteAga


Josue Arteaga is our amazing house photographer. He is specialized in fashion and portraits and knows how to bring the beauty and character out in every single person. For our dancers, he is the person to go to for updated headshots and full body pictures.

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